I'm the author of "How We Make Stuff Now" and the Co-founder and CEO of The Grommet. We launch innovative products from small businesses.

A 3-D printer for $750!

Until fairly recently, you had to be a “me” to develop a manufactured product.  I mean a professionally trained designer or engineer with access to big company development and prototyping tools.  Not so today.  Professional training is still extremely helpful, but access to everything else around product development is becoming rapidly democratized.  Here is the latest advance, from MakerBot:  a 3-D printer for $750!

Springwise covered the release here.

With DIY manufacturing now so affordable, and the popularity of magazines such as Make on the rise, it’s no wonder some are predicting a personal manufacturing revolution akin to that of personal computing.

We have a front window on this democratization of innovation at Daily Grommet.  Let me tell you it is VERY cool to both observe and amplify.

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