I'm the Co-founder and CEO of The Grommet. We launch undiscovered consumer products. It's also the birthplace of Citizen Commerce. I write about design, cultural anthropology, and start-ups, mostly.

  • duck

    The Mistake

    This piece originally ran in Crain’s Boston, and was written by @robertkelder It was really hard to capitalize this business, and I think a lot of it was the economy — we…

  • The genius combination of my two favorite things.

    A guy who takes grommet worship to a new height

    I’m always asked what inspired the name of our company. There are some strong branding reasons but the first catalyst was my extreme love of grommets. I love them as…

  • Joanne and I with our doppelgangers

    Hanky Panky Video Remix, in All Its Cringe-Worthy Glory

    One of the ties that binds The Grommet team is making fun of me and Joanne in our early videos.  Their universal favorite is the launch we did for Hanky Panky.  Yes, THAT Hanky…


    Grommet turns 7!

    In my work as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard, I meet with eight separate student groups twice a month. Most of the sessions focus on the students’ early…


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